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The Christian Education Ministries provide for the teaching and learning phases of God’s Word for the congregation. The Christian Education Ministries consist of ten Sunday school classes, (five adult classes and five youth classes); Wednesday night Bible Study; Children’s Church; Teen Scene Ministry; Baptist Training Union (BTU); Vacation Bible School (summer program); the Layman’s and weekly Mission Circles (adults and youth). The Christian Education Ministry also selects the curriculum and literature for these classes.

Family Support Ministries The mission of the Family Support Ministry is to create a loving and caring support system for our church family in times of loss and need. The Family Support Ministry extends a caring arm to those who need help in handling emergencies that come to everyone at some point in our lives (death, sickness, feelings of despair, etc.). The Morning Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church Support Ministry assists church members and their family during times of loss or need.

The Mission Department The Mission Department at Morning Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church consists of eight senior and four junior circles headed by our Pastor. The role of the Mission Department is to share in the spreading of the "Good News" by telling others about the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus set the example and left the GREAT COMMISSION in Matthew 28:19-20. Our Missionary Pledge instructs us to "render a reasonable service in the salvation of lost souls by giving of our time, talent, and means". We do this by visiting the sick and shut-ins in our church family and community and through our "Nursing Home Outreaches". Through our nursing home outreaches, we try to provide for the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the residents and to give special attention and services to those who feel as if they have been forgotten. We try our best to demonstrate Jesus Christ by showing the love, compassion, and caring that He has for others. We try to brighten the spirits of the residents and give them some hope and bring joy into their lives through prayers, scriptures, songs and words of encouragement. We also provide gifts to the residents based on suggestions of the nursing home administrator. We have also participated in outreaches at our local prisons sharing with inmate mothers and their children. We contribute of our own money for missionary work both at home and abroad by supporting and participating in local and state missionary work and other mission activities. Our junior department is very faithful and loyal and participates in various youth outreach activities in the community and is also actively involved in local and state mission work as well. Our missionary pledge further instructs us to "read our Bible daily and 'to continue steadfastly in prayer'" - we strive to do this through "intercessory prayer services" acknowledging our need for God and praying on behalf of others. You will also find our mission circles meeting throughout each week studying God's Holy Word so that we may be able to continue to spread it to others by "becoming living witnesses and bright and shining lights for our Lord."

Music Ministry administers God’s Word through traditional and contemporary gospel songs. The Music Ministry leads the congregation in worship and praises.

Nurses Guild offers first aid and other medical assistance to members during service. They also participate in self-improvement workshops.

Transportation Ministry provides assistance to those who need transportation to church services by utilizing the church van or individuals’ vehicles. It also provides transportation for the youth, choirs, ushers, and other members to church events and to fellowship with other churches.

Ushers are the doorkeepers of the church. They ensure worshippers are always welcome by greeting them with a smile and seating them in God’s House. They also assist the Pastor by maintaining order serving God in His House. The ushers are comprised of four boards (Numbers 1, 2, youth board, and Morning Pilgrim Usher Board #4).

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